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Eight Times One Night (YIYEBACILANG) male sex enhancer
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Using the world's most advanced purification technology, and international advanced production equipment, Quweicunzhen AMD purification,
Produce a long-acting testosterone preparations, have significant androgenic activity, protein assimilation and stimulate the bones marrow onomatopoetic function, promote blood cell growth and spermatogenic effect.
This item belongs to long effect pills. It's fit for those people with functional sexual impotence and prostatitis caused by neurasthenic or spirituality, it's also helpful for sexual impotence.

Take 1 capsule with slightly warm water about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse

This product is a unique blend of powerful herbs designed to create safe and effective male enhancement in just a matter of minutes.
EIGHT TIMES ONE NIGHT will give you a more rigid harder and stronger erection, making this the best male enhancer product in the market. Our formula is a blend of nine different highly effective enhancer herbs with no side effect.

In cool, dry places, keep out of reach of children

No reported evident side effect

4 pills *4600mg.

Take one pill 20 minutes before sexual intercourse.
Do not take more than one pill in a 24 hours period.